Thursday, Jan 11, 2018 South West Michigan – One Brief Warm Up Before Bottom Falls Out

Thursday, Jan 11, 2018 South West Michigan – One Brief Warm Up Before Bottom Falls Out

Picture I caught looks like a visual of my prayers to God with a fervent wish our current brief winter thaw could last longer. You and I both know He’s got way too much on his plate to pay all that much attention to such a request – but I would fail my job as a silly human if I didn’t issue it, anyway.

Currently 52 with a S wind of 14 mph not making any difference so it feels like 52 degrees. Dew Point 50, Barometer 29.8, Humidity 97%, Visibility 6 mi, Sunrise 8:12 am, Sunset 5:28 pm. 100% chance of rain today to a possible inch of accumulation. High upper 50s. S winds 15 -20 mph.

90% chance of overnight rain possibly mixed with freezing rain, sleet and snow showers. Snow & sleet accumulating 1″ or less. Low in the lower 20s. W winds 15 -20 with gusts to 30.

We could perhaps set a new record today if we do get up to 56 and it looks as if we might. And then it’s goodbye to our brief warm up as the misery of real winter sets back in tonight with resulting dangerous driving tomorrow.

Had about .13″ of overnight rain and woke to more fog. I got up in the middle of the night to look outside and found fog so thick I couldn’t see the headlights or taillights of the traffic that travels the busy road on which I live. VERY foggy. This morning it’s still foggy but not nearly as thick as it was. I don’t sleep all that well and instead of being bummed about that, I’ve learned to entertain myself by making some Sleep Tea, sitting in the glider rocker by my upstairs bedroom window and watching the night world go by. Snow, rain, fog…no end to the wonders of nature to see. Last night it was the fog. And as usual, I suddenly find an hour has gone by, the tea is long gone and usually I can head back to bed and drift off to sleep. Mother Nature. Nice, not nice, but always presenting a show.

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