Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 South West Michigan – Heavy Rain, Strong Winds

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 South West Michigan – Heavy Rain, Strong Winds

Currently 57 degrees with an average W wind of 15 mph pulling this down to feeling like 54. Dew Point 55, Humidity 94%, Barometer 29.69 & rising, Visibility 6 mi, Sunrise 7:56 am, Sunset 6:59 pm. Cloudy with a 90% chance of morning rain, High 57. Windy. NW winds 20 – 30 mph gusting to 40 mph. There is a Flood Warning out for many local areas and a High Wind Warning in effect all day long. Measured 2.1″ of rain in the gauge overnight.

Cloudy with a slight chance of overnight rain. Low 41. NW winds 10 – 20 mph decreasing to less than 5 mph.

Wow – Pooh would be impressed – it’s a blustery day. Well, actually I think today might be out of Pooh’s comfort zone. It’s beyond blustery into plain old windy. So windy that I just watched a little bird try to fly up to the seed sock hanging in the back, almost got there when a gust of wind hit him to make him look like a hover craft for a second or two – then I swear I saw his little bird brain decide, “The heck with this. Too much trouble. I’ll come back later. Or tomorrow.” And he flew back off to whence he came.

Should be a lot of leaves come down today, between the rain and the wind. Measured more than 2” of rain overnight – to the tune of Flood Warnings all over the place – to High Wind Alerts in place all day long. The thing is, this fall is not one of our best. Leaves aren’t turning like they should, they’ve mostly decided to hang on forever or they’re falling green. If they’re achieving any color it’s brown for the most part.

A good day to stay inside and putter around. My favorite sort of day, come to think of it.


One thought on “Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 South West Michigan – Heavy Rain, Strong Winds

  1. I spoke with Josh H Saturday night for about 3 hours. He is such a smart, interesting person. And very knowledgeable about the computer and weather technology, among many other things. He is busy right now, and is really having a fight with his physical problems, particularly his epilepsy and resulting seizures and also lyme disease. It is taking a lot out of him. He is busy with those battles now, plus his business and his weather station and closing down his outdoor duties for the winter. He has a hard time with wordpress, and so far is not impressed with weather together. I told Nathan and asked that he call him this week to discuss Josh’s computer issues with the site and wordpress. He is going to call him when he gets a free moment sometime this week. His email is (he has problems with verizon email also) and his phone number is 410-557-7052. I am sure he would like to hear from you. I wanted to keep this private between you, Cathie and Nathan. Charlie doesn’t know him and Josh might get a bit testy when discussing the website/ wordpress issues. Thanks! Have a great day!

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