Monday, Sept 11 South West Michigan – Sunshine…But Still…

Monday, Sept 11 South West Michigan – Sunshine…But Still…

Currently 50 degrees with a weak E wind of 3 mph making no difference, so it feels like the 50 it is. Dew Point 49, Humidity 97%, Barometer 30.32, Visibility 10 mi, Sunrise 7:18 am, Sunset 7:59 pm. Heading for a sunny high of 76 degrees with light and variable winds.

Partly cloudy overnight skies with a low of 51. Light and variable winds continue.

A pleasant day here, starting out cool, but it should warm up to a decent, comfortable place by afternoon. Our cool nights will help bring out more color before too long. In the meantime, there are the beautiful fall flowers with color to spare to enjoy.

On this sad anniversary of a tragic day in American history, the sights and emotions from those hours of terrorist attack will come to the fore not only me, but for millions of us who were witness to what happened that sunny morning in New York. No matter how bright and cheery this day is here, a pale hangs over it, a dimming of the light this day offers. That will always be the case on this day. It might as well be pouring down rain to go along with the emotions the very mention of this date evokes.

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  1. Hi Patricia! It appears you are not having any problem posting pictures. Are you using Google Chrome now? Perhaps your past problems were browser related. I am having a slight text problem when publishing my daily weather post. I have a query into Charlie about it. What is the status of your bio? Looking forward to reading it. Cheers! Kevin

  2. I just saw your bio posted. Looking great! How do you like the change Charlie made to give our daily weather posts its own spot! Got to see how he plotted your location on the bloggers map. Enjoy! Kevin

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